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the main activity of Rahyab Sanat Alborz is based on Design , Procurement & Construction of Geosynthetic products & Deep Foundation , Accordingly we became representative of Italian Maccaferri in 2010

Maccaferri Company

Maccaferri has researched,designed and developed solutions to solve problems tied to civil engineering market for more than 130 year.Our goal is to become a leading international provider for advanced solutions ...

Technical knowledge

This company has so far accomplished many projects in slope stabilization,ground improvement,etc., due to utilizing high technical knowledge, sophisticated machinaries  and competent execution team

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Reinforced Soil Geogrids

These are high-strength geogrids and geocomposites with a polymer coating in the form of bot

Rahyab Sanat Alborz

Rahyab sanat alborz:
Tehcnical directors of this company, graduated in civil engineering (Geotechnical field), have the experience of working as designer and executor of all sorts of geosynthetical products,Specifically design and construction of reinforced soil retaining systems, deep foundations and various methods of soil improvement

  • Construction Solutions
  • Geotechnical Solutions
  • Agricultural Activities

Our goal is to become a leading international provider for advanced solutions for the civil engineering and construction market: this is the way for engineering a better solution…our mission.

Techniques used include : Ground Anchor، Micropile، Deep soil mixing و Jet Grouting .

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